Intelligent BIOLUX HCL SYSTEM in the Schleswig districts craftsmen`s association

Energy efficient and concentration enhancing

Project benefits at a glance
  • Light quality
    Better light quality in classrooms with HCL function according to DIN SPEC 67600. Increase in illumination level according to workplace directive ASR 3.4.
  • Intuitive usage
    User friendly and targeted adaptation of the BIOLUX system to the respective teaching situation.
  • Motivation of the students
    Individual adjustability of the lighting from „Boost“ to „Relax“ for optimal support of the teaching activities.
  • Easy installation
    1:1 replacement of the lighting system without any modification of the ceiling construction. Smart commissioning via “Plug & Play“.
Project infos
  • Schleswig, Germany, 2020
  • Client: Schleswig district craftsmen's association
  • Project: Changeover to BIOLUX HCL SYSTEM in the classrooms of the electrical engineering trade of the Schleswig district craftsmen's association
  • Application: Educational institution, lighting of classrooms/training rooms
  • Technology: LED technology/ Human Centric Lighting
  • Products: Panel Biolux 625 43W (EAN 4058075364561), Control Unit (EAN 4058075308657)
The new HCL lighting system from LEDVANCE optimally supports instructors and students of the Schleswig district craftsmen‘s association in learning.


In order to noticeably improve the concentration and performance of the trainees and to enable optimal vision without glare, three classrooms were equipped with state-of-the-art HCL lighting technology. The dismantling of the existing strip lighting with T8 fluorescent lamps and the installation of the new BIOLUX HCL system was to be carried out by the trainees of the electrical engineering department themselves. Preferably easy to implement as an in-house project under the supervision of their master electrician.


BIOLUX HCL from LEDVANCE with its intuitive control of dynamic light modes meets all the requirements of teaching activities. The artificial light can be adapted to specific daylight modes as required ("Boost" for concentration, "Relax" for presentation, etc.). Intelligent, powerful and high quality, the customer has chosen luminaires of the BIOLUX HCL PANEL 625 type as an ideal module for the project. The uniform light distribution (with reduced glare of UGR 15 and a high color rendering index of Ra ≥ 93) offers very high lighting quality. In total 90 BIOLUX HCL PANEL 625, each with 43W, were installed in the three classrooms.

Kreishandwerkerschaft Schleswig
At the workbenches, the trainees also experience a lighting situation adapted to the task: here in the "Focus" mode for optimum concentration.


The LEDVANCE BIOLUX HCL Panels 625 43W and the matching control units work “wirelessly“. This makes them ideal for retrofitting, as there is no need of rewiring. Both the control unit and the lighting modules are put into operation via “Plug & Play“ without additional programming. The individual lighting components are read by QR-Code via smartphone scan and added to the system via a corresponding app. All BIOLUX HCL products communicate wirelessly via ZigBee 3.0 at the highest possible safety standard.

The controller of the HCL lighting system is easy and intuitive to use. Five different lighting modes are available: "Relax, Create, Natural, Focus, Boost". The "Create" lighting mode is shown here, which supports particularly creative work.

From a technical lighting perspective the BIOLUX HCL
solution does absolutely make sense in educational
institutions! Not only it is easy to retrofit - the dynamic
adaptation of light to the course of the day noticeably i
mproves the well-being and the ability to concentrate in
our rooms. It is much brighter than before, but never
glaring or unpleasant. For us and our trainees at the
Schleswig district craftsmen‘s association, the
modernization is a noticeable improvement.

Sebastian Wille, Head of the Electrical Engineering Training Workshop of the Schleswig District Craftsmen's Association


The modernized lighting system for the classrooms of the Department Electrical Engineering in the Schleswig district craftsmen‘s association is now based on an intelligently controlled, high-performance HCL lighting solution with a user-friendly intuitive control unit. With overall uncomplicated changeover and commissioning, the smart, innovative LEDVANCE BIOLUX LED technology now ensures a highly pleasant lighting quality in the room at all times - with the possibility of dynamic artificial lighting adaptation to healthy, motivating, concentration-enhancing or relaxing circadian daylight conditions.


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